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Best UV Black Light Flashlights

In most instances, UV lighting and black lighting are the same thing. Sometimes the flashlights in this category might be referred to as “infrared flashlights.” Either way, the best UV black light flashlights are going to give you a unique tool to use at work or at home. UV light causes chemical reactions, while black lights give you more distance and visibility. This way you can illuminate what you need to see by absorbing the colors within the visible spectrum.

The Best Chart for UV Black Light Flashlights

There are several UV black light flashlights that are affordable and made to a superior level of quality. The chart below features the top-rated flashlights in this category for you to compare and contrast.

PictureNameOur RatingBatteryPrice
Esco-Lite 395 nM 51 UV Black Light Flashlight 4.4
3 AA
Particular Paws UV Black Light Flashlight 4.5
3 AA
LOFTEK UV Flashlgiht 4.6
3 AA
Goliath Industry UV Handheld LED Black Light Flashlight 4.7
6 AA
UV Sight Black Light Flashlight 4.5
AhomePlay UV LED Black Light Flashlight 4.2
18650 Li-On
uvBeast Commercial Grade Black Light Flashlight 4.8
6 AA
Wayllshine Zoomable UV Black Light Flashlight 4.3
1 AA
Laho UV Black Light Streamlight 4.4
3 AA
Vansky Black Light Flashlight 4.6
3 AA
PictureNameOur RatingBatteryPrice

What to Look for in the Best UV Black Light Flashlights

There are actually several types of black light flashlights that you may find in this category. Some flashlights are sold as a UV black light flashlight, but may not actually emit a true UV experience. This is usually seen in keychain-style black light flashlights, which offer a black/blue light instead of a UV black light.

Some UV black light flashlights provide a short-wave light option. These can be dangerous flashlights to use because of the strength of the light itself. Short-wave UV black lights are generally used to kill germs instead of being a general-use household tool.

White-colored UV lighting is also sold within this flashlight category from time to time. These specific flashlights are similar to the lighting you’d find in a tanning salon or animal cages where the creature requires daylight exposure on a regular basis. These emit a true UV light, but may not provide an actual black light experience.

By knowing what your needs are, you’ll be able to know what to look for in reviewing the best flashlight reviews in this category. That way you’re not stuck with a flashlight that you don’t really need.

How Can I Use a UV Black Light Flashlight?

In the past 10 years, black lights have evolved from more of a novelty item to something that everyone should own. UV black light flashlights that emit a true long-wave light are able to provide numerous household and professional uses.

  • Pet Stain Illumination. Waste fluids that are produced by living organisms will glow when using a black light flashlight in the dark. This allows you to know that carpets, floors, and even bedding have been properly cleaned.
  • Authenticating Antique Glass. Certain types of antique glass are known to glow when exposed to a UV black light flashlight. Some antique paintings can also be verified for their authenticity in a similar manner.
  • Security Purposes. Invisible inks are able to shine when exposed to black lighting. This allows you to stamp products in a store, mark your valuables at home, or even use it as a hand-stamp to keep children together with their families in certain high-risk environments.

Chuck E. Cheese uses hand stamping as a security method to prevent children from leaving their facility without a family member.

You can also use the best UV black light flashlights to verify the authenticity of certain currencies. In the United States, a fluorescent counterfeit strip has been equipped to several bill denominations. This strip will glow when exposed to a UV light. Each denomination is equipped with a different color as another way to verify its authenticity.

How to Find the Best UV Black Light Flashlight

Many flashlights are used for illumination purposes. The goal is to help you be able to safely see in a dark environment. The best UV black light flashlights are a little different. Their goal is to make sure you can see something specific because of how something reacts to the light.

If you have ever worn a white shirt in a black light environment, then you’ve seen how this type of light operates. You’re just going to be using it on a smaller scale.

To find the best UV black light flashlight, you must first determine your needs. Are you looking for something that is more of a novelty item? Then a keychain-style flashlight might be the right option for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a professional flashlight because you clean carpets for a living, you’ll want one of the most powerful flashlights in this category.

For most homeowners, an entry-level black light flashlight can provide the illumination they need for stain identification on carpets and bedding.

Since the technology is virtually the same in this category for every flashlight, the best solution is to look at the specific features the flashlight offers. Here are the typical features that are offered.

  • Composition. Many of the flashlights in this category are made from plastic, but some are made from metal. If you plan to use your new flashlight outdoors, get a UV flashlight with a metal casing for best results.
  • Lens Types. Some flashlights allow you to switch between the white UV light and a black light experience.
  • Size. Some flashlights offer only a few LEDs and produce a minimal glow. Others offer 40+ LEDs for a powerful glowing experience.

This way you can make the investment that makes sense for you.

What Are the Prices of the Best UV Black Light Flashlights?

Pricing in this category can be very sporadic. You’ll find some highly rated UV black light flashlights priced for $10 or less, yet find that some flashlights that offer a tactical experience could be priced for more than $150.

Some penlights and keychain lights in this category are priced for less than $5.

We recommend looking at mid-range pricing for the best value investment, which is defined as flashlights priced from $25-$75. This will give you the widest selection of features and capabilities so your needs can be specifically met.

Here’s Our Top Picks


Using three AA batteries, this UV LED flashlight gives you a large coverage area. It emits 390-395 nanometer wavelengths and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Hunt down your favorite minerals or identify scorpions, then take it inside to find the potential pet stains that could be lurking in your carpet. It’s a flashlight that is strong enough that you’ll want to wear safety glasses when using it. You could pay more, but why would you when this is one of the best UV black light flashlights on the market today?

Click here to look at prices on Amazon and buy now.

Particular Paws

This is another budget friendly black light flashlight that does a great job of identifying indoor stains. It does have a certain sturdiness to the frame that makes it useful for some outdoor applications, but we see this being more of a stain detection device. Equipped with 51 LEDs in total, you’ll receive about 20 hours of use on one set of three AA batteries. It features the 390-395 nanometer wavelength as many flashlights in this category do and is light enough to be suitable for anyone in the family to use it.

Click here to look at prices on Amazon and buy now.


This 51 LED flashlight gets all of the basics right. Backed by a 12-month warranty and free lifetime technical support, you’ll receive just under 20 hours of use on three AA batteries with this flashlight. The body is made from aluminum, complemented by silicone O-rings, so you have an enhanced level of water resistance with this flashlight. There is also a certain level of shock resistance built into it, making it the perfect travel companion. It really will help you to explore the world like never before.

Click here to look at prices on Amazon and buy now.


This UV handheld flashlight offers 100 LEDs for an incredible throw. It’s a professional grade flashlight that is suitable for hotel personnel, law enforcement, or your own general needs. The amount of illumination that occurs with this flashlight is pretty incredible, allowing you to find even the smallest stains or scorpions without difficulty. It is shock proof, runs on six AA batteries, and uses the same nanometer spectrum that most flashlights in this category are able to provide. Grab yours today and you’ll be just as impressed with what this flashlight can do.

Click here to look at prices on Amazon and buy now.


Built with a heavy duty aluminum allow case, this black light flashlight option is reminiscent of some of the best tactical flashlights that are on the market today. Instead of blinding the eyes of a bad guy, however, you’ll be hunting down stains or identifying authentic currency with this tool. It emits a 395nm wavelength, features 51 LEDs, and the unit is rated to last for 12 years – though the batteries will generally last 15-20 hours. Take advantage of the 45-day money back guarantee and give this flashlight a try today.

Click here to look at prices on Amazon and buy now.

The best UV black light flashlights are the one tool you should give yourself this year. Make your outdoor adventures safer and make your indoor activities become cleaner thanks to what this technology can do. That way you’ll be able to know for certain that you’ll be living in a clean environment.

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