Famous and Rare Antique Flashlights

In the world of flashlight collecting, there are certain famous and rare antique flashlights that will always get your attention. Anything from 1902-1904 from Ever Ready, for example, will fit into this category. Many of these flashlights were manufactured with a solid sterling silver casing and were some of the first flashlights introduced to the general public.

Here are some more examples of famous and rare antique flashlights that are highly sought after.

#1. Purse Flashlights

In the 1930s, a purse flashlight was introduced by Albright that offered a solid glass bulb and a base filament. It offered a focused beam in a relatively small format, with the size and weight being similar to a wallet. It worked on 2 AA batteries.

#2. Snap Flashlights

One of the most famous versions of this type of light was produced by Burgess. It looked like a tin or canister, but the lid would pop out and offer you the chance to have a flashlight. Many of these models were produced in the 1920s, with insurance companies often offering them as an incentive to purchase a policy.

#3. Eveready Soldier Boy

This flashlight on its own was fairly common. Made in a nickel finish, it was manufactured around World War I and C-battery and D-battery models were made available. What was unique about this flashlight was the fact that the lens could be screwed off and replaced by a red jewel lens.

#4. Camera-Style Flashlights

In the 1950s, Aurora was building flashlights that were a combination product with a lighter. What made the design interesting was the fact that it looked like a pocket camera. The light was put in the place where the lens would be, while the lighter could be activated by pressing down on a lever on top. Various colors were offered and they typically worked off of an N2 battery.

#5. May Baby

Created in 1928, this unique flashlight was given a 9-sided lens and a smooth lens that was extended so that it looked like you were carrying a light bulb on a stick. Some of the models were even equipped with a scroll design instead of a pillar design, which was unique for that period of time.

#6. The Lone Ranger Flashlight

In 1949, a flashlight was introduced through the Lone Ranger character and it was shaped like a blue pistol. Like many of the mail-in programs during this era, you would receive extras with the flashlight. In this instance, General Mills, who offered the product as a send-off premium item, gave a Morse code cheat sheet with red and green lenses for the flashlight that could be stored in the “secret” handle compartment.

For more interesting flashlights that are rare and antique, be sure to visit the Flashlight Museum online:

Flashlights can be famous because of who used them. They can be antique because of their age. Neither makes them particularly memorable, especially if some of their components are missing. The best flashlights in this category tell a story. Discover that and you’ll discover true value.

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