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Some flashlights provide a high price and a low beam quality. Others focus on providing unique features instead of a steady beam. The On the Way A100 Zoomable Flashlight proves that a lot of power can come in a small package. Rated to produce up to 2000 lumens of light, this is one of the most affordable survival lights on the market today.

Take it camping, hiking, or hunting and you’ll find that the 6063 Aluminum Alloy case and water-resistant design make it perfect for all of your outdoor activities.

What Are the Features of the On the Way A100 Flashlight?

The primary feature of this flashlight is the 5 beam mode option that many similar tactical flashlight designs offer. You receive high, medium, and low along with an SOS and a strobe light function. Because of the brightness of this light, the strobe is very adequate as a self-defense tool.

There are additional features included with this flashlight that also help to increase its overall value.

  • It comes with an 18650 battery with this price, which many flashlights do not provide. You’ll receive a 2800 mAh battery that gives you a reasonably long beam life on high of about 2-3 hours.
  • There is an adjustable focus mechanism included with the design of this flashlight so you can extend the range to nearly 1,000 feet without much difficulty. In clear conditions, you may be able to achieve even better results.
  • It offers a skid-proof surface along the main part of the case so your grip remains firm and strong. A wrist strap is also included to make sure the flashlight stays secured.

The lights are a standard T6 LED and you also have the option to use an AAA battery adaptor in an emergency. You receive the adaptor out of the box with the flashlight as well.

Here Is What We Discovered with the On the Way A100 Flashlight

This flashlight is not waterproof, first and foremost. Even if you accidentally drop it into water and immediately remove it, you’ll probably ruin the product. At best, it’s rating is likely IPX4 (it isn’t published), so splashes are okay. Dunking – not okay.

We also noticed that the zoom tends to move around a little bit as you carry this flashlight. This seems to be because as you grasp the handle of the light and walk with it, the side of your hand or the tips of your finger rub against the bezel and change the focus. It is very sensitive to any contact.

There is a noticeable difference when using AAA batteries compared to the 18650 batteries. Not only do the alkaline batteries have a shorter lifespan, but the number of lumens they produce is about 60% less than what the lithium-ion battery offers.

Considering the price, what you receive out of the box, and the overall brightness of this flashlight, there’s a lot of good stuff going on here. You’d pay more for a good steak, so it’s definitely worth giving this flashlight a try today.

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