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Many tactical flashlights claim to offer a variety of functionsbut fall short in practical applications. This truth is enhanced when you’re looking at budget-friendly entry-level models. The BlueFire 1200 lumen adjustable aluminum flashlight, however, is built from a different mold. This handheld flashlight packs a big punch into a small frame, gives you a skid-proof design, and the LEDs are rated for up to 100,000 hours of run-time.

Best of all, this flashlight is priced for about the same amount you’d spend on a nice lunch somewhere.

What Are the Features of the BlueFire Adjustable Flashlight?

Like many entry-level tactical flashlights, you’ll receive 5 different beam functions with this BlueFire model. It offers low, middle, and high beams, along with a strobe and an SOS function. The difference here is in how the functions are accessed. You’ll be pressing the small orange button on the back of the flashlight with light pressure and it’s easy to get the pressure right. It took just a couple of attempts to avoid a “hard” press that turned the flashlight off.

The BlueFire adjustable flashlight also comes with these additional features, which may be worth a closer look to some.

  • It comes with a battery holder so that you can use 3 AAA batteries instead of a rechargeable battery for power instead of making you purchase it separately.
  • There is an adjustable beam equipped to this flashlight so that you can focus down to only a couple of inches or have a very wide-angle beam.
  • The case is relatively rugged, balanced well, and this makes the flashlight very easy to use.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable flashlight to walk the dogs at night or you need something to support your work duties, the BlueFire adjustable flashlight has the ability to get the job done. Just one note: when you purchase this flashlight, you’ll also need to purchase a battery for it. We recommend investing into one of the best 18650 batteries for the best results.

The Issue of Lower Lumens and the BlueFire Adjustable Flashlight

One of the biggest complaints about this flashlight is that it does not meet or exceed the lumen rating that is claimed by the manufacturer. We decided to put this to the test. For the first test, we equipped this flashlight with the 3 AAA batteries. The end result? We were able to achieve about 350 lumens for a short period of time.

Then we equipped the flashlight with the 18650 rechargeable battery. The difference between the two was night and day. The beam was brighter, stronger, and smoother. Its top light rating exceeded 1,100 lumens immediately, but then dropped down to around 800 after a few minutes and retained that level until the battery was almost dead.

A flashlight, however, is more than just a lumens rating. There are many other quality features to look at when you want one of the best and brightest flashlights and this model punches above its weight class. If you want an affordable, but solid investment, then consider the BlueFire 1200 Lumen adjustable aluminum flashlight today.

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