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Are you tired of lugging around a tactical flashlight that weighs you down? Do you want something that offers a bright light, but doesn’t have to pull double-duty as an improvised weapon? Then the J5 Tactical Hyper V tactical flashlight could be the affordable solution that you’ve wanted. With a max output of 400 lumens, you’ll receive a bright, focused beam of light that can shine well for up to 800 feet.

What Are the Features of the J5 Tactical Hyper V?

  • This tactical flashlight offers three beam functions. Outside of the high beam, there is also an energy-saving low beam and a strobe function that works rather effectively.
  • It runs off of three standard AAA alkaline batteries and has a lifespan that is surprisingly competitive considering the power source.
  • A pocket clip is built into the case of this tactical flashlight, allowing you to firmly clip it to a pocket, belt, or pack. It’s strong enough to be your backup flashlight while on duty while being versatile enough to be your primary flashlight when you’re out camping, hiking, or fishing.
  • The amount of heft to this flashlight is surprising. With batteries, it comes in at 4 ounces. This makes it a suitable tool to use for fist-loading if needed.
  • The tail button requires a light push, less than a half-press, in order to cycle through the functions. It takes a few minutes to get a feel for the actual pressure that is involved.
  • It offers an adjustable focus so you can have a flood-style light experience if you prefer.

Because this flashlight has an adjustable focus, the water-resistance ratings for it must be minimal. Although they are not directly published, we would estimate that an IPX4 rating would be too high. We do not recommend any moisture exposure with this flashlight whatsoever, with the exception of maybe the sweat from the palm of your hand while holding this model.

Here’s What You Need to Know About the J5 Tactical Hyper V

It’s unusual for a top-rated product to be described as the “best product like this I’ve ever owned” by a majority of customers, but that’s what this flashlight has going for it. Once you get your hands on it, you can see why. There is a certain heaviness to this flashlight that gives it a nice grip. The light produced is smooth and consistent. It also has a certain ruggedness that cannot be denied.

Yet there’s also the fact that this really isn’t a “true” tactical flashlight. It would be more accurate to say that this design is “inspired” by tactical flashlights. It has basic functionality and offers an affordable experience, but it will not outperform genuine tactical flashlights that offer professional features.

If you’re on a tight budget and need a quality flashlight, or maybe if you’re looking at an upgrade to a professional tactical flashlight in the future, then we highly recommend this one to you today. It’s a great flashlight that is compact, affordable, and will help you see clearly in most dark environments.

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