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It’s good to have a flashlight that can provide you with options. Unfortunately, not every flashlight design is able to make those options accessible. With the SureFire M3LT-S Combat Light, you’ll receive an extended range beam thanks to the dual output LED that has been equipped, but that’s not the only option you receive.

It’s how you’re able to access those options that matter with this flashlight. Like many tactical flashlights, you’re given a tail cap button that switches through your various light beam functions or the strobe feature that comes with this light. What is different here is that you can twist it for a constant beam at the low or high output levels, eliminating the accidental switching or termination of your beam.

Yet that’s only the beginning of what this tactical flashlight can do. Here are our other observations from taking a look at this flashlight.

The SureFire M3LT-S Combat Light is One Tough Flashlight

Assuming you don’t drop the flashlight directly on its head, we found that the SureFire Combat Light is virtually indestructible. Even then, should the lens break, the flashlight is going to keep on working for you. It’s less than 9 inches long and surprisingly lightweight at 10.9 ounces, yet very sturdy thanks to the anodized aluminum case it has been given.

Gripping has also been built into the case of this flashlight, allowing you to have a firm grip in a number of different situations. Even if your hands are gloved or they have become wet, you won’t find this flashlight feeling slippery.

In return, you’ll receive a high output of 800 lumens when using this flashlight. It’s perfect for outdoor use and the completion of your professional duties.

Watch Out for the End Cap Switch on the SureFire M3LT-S

Like any other flashlight, the SureFire Combat Light has a couple of quirks that should be discussed. The main issue we had when taking a look at this flashlight was the design of the 3-way end cap switch. It takes a little time to get used to how to push the switch properly and know how many times you’ll need to press the switch to get to the beam or feature that you’re trying to access.

The only way you can make this tactical flashlight turn on and then stay on is by using a two-handed approach. Engage the switch and then turn the end cap. That makes it potentially difficult to use in an emergency situation. If you’re looking for a light that is more strategic in nature, this may not be the flashlight for you.

Yet at the end of the day, you can still see the quality that has been built into this flashlight. It can handle a rugged environment, give you the running time you need, and the beam quality is one of the best in this category. Get used to the quirks with this flashlight and we think you’ll find that it is a real winner that is worthy of your consideration.

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