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The goal of any flashlight is pretty simple: light up a dark environment. Some flashlights do it better than others. The Rayovac RWP123A-B, which is nicknamed “The Beast,” does a fantastic job of this. It offers two basic settings: high and low. The low setting offers s respectable 530 lumens, but the high setting has been rated at 2,000 lumens.

Does The Beast stand up to its nickname? Or has Rayovac created a flashlight that has been overly domesticated? We decided to find out.

What Are the Features of the Rayovac RWP123A-B?

The primary feature we really enjoyed when taking a look at this particular flashlight was the frosted lens. This gives the user a spot-style beam that has an enhanced clarity and distance that is far superior to other flashlights at this price point. We found the beam distance rating of 400 meters to be accurate. With a direct comparison with a car’s headlights, we found this flashlight to be brighter.

These additional features also prove that The Beast has been engineered to perform.

  • It has a reinforced anodized aluminum barrel so that the flashlight can stand up to the rigors of daily use without a problem.
  • It has a weight balance at the end of the case to give you a better handling experience that is still somewhat heavy but not in a bad way.
  • Dual LED lighting allows for a beam of light that is ultra-bright and very reliable, allowing you to shed darkness with one-click convenience.

What we found most impressive about this particular Rayovac flashlight is that it accomplishes this brightness and durability without the use of rechargeable batteries. That does bring up one potential negative for some users: to operate, you’ll need four CR123 lithium batteries. Look for rechargeables for the best solution, though this is not recommended by the manufacturer.

How Long Does the Rayovac RWP123A-B Keep Shining?

Considering the cost that four CR123 lithium batteries may be for some individuals, we wanted to take a look at the overall lifespan that The Beast would be able to provide.(this sentence doesn’t make any sense to me)We equipped it with same-brand batteries as recommended and gave it a test run. At the high setting, we got just over 2 hours of continuous use out of the flashlight. On the low setting, we were able to log about 10 hours of use.

We did not test the strobe setting on continuous use for obvious reasons.

The one thing that might surprise you is the overall size of this flashlight. The Beast is actually smaller than you would expect for a flashlight like this. But this flashlight is bright. It’s nice and broad and extends a beam for up to one-quarter mile with ease.

Everything about this flashlight has been constructed well. Take it with you camping, hiking, or for your outdoor chores and you’ll be able to see clearly without a problem. It’s a flashlight that will give you years of use and that is why it earns our recommendation today.

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